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Attention Loyal Subordinates & Followers Alike, this is your Founder speaking! I'm starting a new list of Deviators in possession of some(or ALOT of)key Deviations that would do well in our galleries! I'm starting with what might be a short list but this list should grow in size as I recognize more key Deviators as time goes on! I would appreciate ANY & ALL attempts to either contact these Deviators and/or to request they approve their Deviations' submission(s)to our galleries! Tha list is as follows:

- May contain less keys than you'd think!
--May contain very few keys than previously thought!!
*Didn't do alot of research beforehand!!!

I should have more as time goes on!
Nothing major; I just have this(sort of)tradition!
I switch the theme of our homebase avatar monthly!

...and now, for one month only...appearing as the avatar of our operations, with an assisst by mine vizior & good friend, the esteemed catcot...she is an exceptional "concept" by our esteemed colleague, purdoy25...WARRIOOOOOOORRRR!!!!

This month: Armors theme
Next month: Musculars theme
Month after: Weapons theme

VIZITORZ, don't be so hasty to sneak a peek and exit! Let us know what you make of our operations!
Those so hasty as to peep and leave without a word will be marked down on the list of PEEPING TOMZ!

Gallery Folders

Muscle Women 1st Gen
Armor Women 1st Gen
Weapon Women 1st Gen


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Vizitorz(& Peeping Tomz)

All deviantz peep sooner or later...
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Group Info

We, the deviants, are dedicated to the accruement and collection of art which falls into a very specific category! Actually, it's very simple, we're gathering together art depicting females the likes of which our name suggests-armorwomen, musclewomen, and/or weaponwomen!
Founded 4 Years ago
Mar 11, 2012


Group Focus
Art Collection

Media Type
All of the Above

633 Members
974 Watchers
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:iconparazitupulii::iconsaysplz:"hi guyz, making a game online here and i need people to draw some stuff. who wants to help and has free time?
its a board game online, we need a lot or pictures of buttons and characters for the game, anyone who wants to help is welcome, great art will be paid in real money if they want to, if u want to join the team that is possible too. for more info contact me parazitupulii!"

That Is All...but don't forget
FOREWARNING: This contest is not being hosted by this group; I am only featuring it here at the request of my esteemed colleague! You may continue:
Lights, Camera, Action!

Depict a scene with Merreth in conflict with another character from her world.  This can be a physical or verbal confrontation or even a battle of wits.

Choose one of the following scenes (yes, some reading is required :)):
Lady Merreth confronts Scribe Duggel

Upon her arrival to see High Mistress Rhekhell of the Western Watch, Lady Merreth meets her chief scribe, Duggel, who insists upon following procedure with regard to Rhekhell’s appointments. Merreth’s temper, already frayed after a long ride, snaps.
Link to Chapter with full scene

Ladies Tiandraa and Lyadkell of the Red Hand bait Merreth

After meeting with Mistress Rhekhell, Lady Merreth and Scribe Sarrit meet Ladies Tiandraa and Lyadkell of the Red Hand in the main room of the Watch Administration building.  Lady Tiandraa steps into the room from the outside, opening the door suddenly and catching Merreth full in the face.  Things go rapidly downhill from there.
Link to Chapter with full scene

Honour Bout between Lady Merreth and Lady Tiandraa

Lady Merreth refuses to apologize to Lady Tiandraa for publically striking her in front a crowd of commoners.  Lady Tiandraa demands satisfaction in an Honour Bout.  Merreth accepts and the bout is staged in front of a crowd of Watch nobles and commoners. Things do not go well for Lady Tiandraa.
Link to Chapter with full scene

Lady Merreth rescues a commoner from a group of tavern thugs

Merreth returns to the eastern Matriarchy after her adventures in the Western Watch province.  It’s winter – cold and wet; she takes refuge in commoner tavern.   There she witnesses a commoner shopkeeper bullied by several local toughs.  Merreth doesn’t care for bullies and when none of the other patrons intervene, she decides to do so.
Link to Chapter with full scene

Lady Merreth confronts Lady Simma of the Red Hand

An impulsive decision on Merreth’s part forces her to work closely with Lady Simma – a Red Hand noble.  Without realizing how dangerous it is to push Merreth, Lady Simma baits her once too often.  Merreth loses her temper and acts like one of the things she loathes – a bully.
Link to Chapter with full scene

Pick Your Own Scene from the posted Lady Merreth Literature

Don't like any of the foregoing scenes?  You can pick a conflict scene from any of the posted literature within the Stories and Chapters folder.

However, before you depict the scene, note me first for approval.
Contest Entrants
Last updated September 13, 2013


Contest Dates

   Contest opens September 8th 2013 and closes November 15th 2013 (12 midnight PST).
   Judging takes place November 16th to November 21st.
   Winners announced November 22nd.
   All prizes from LadyMerrethsAuthor distributed by November 30th.

Contest Prizes

Prizes from LadyMerrethsAuthor will be cash, paid through PayPal.  If the winner does not have a Paypal account, the prize will be given in the equivalent amount of DA points.

Over Twelve Entrants

   1st Prize: $100.00 US
   2nd Prize: $80.00 US
   3rd Prize: $60.00 US
   4th Prize: $45.00 US
   5th Prize: $30.00 US

Nine to Twelve Entrants

   1st Prize: $90.00 US
   2nd Prize: $70.00 US
   3rd Prize: $40.00 US
   4th Prize: $30.00 US

Six to Eight Entrants

   1st Prize: $80.00 US
   2nd Prize: $60.00 US
   3rd Prize: $30.00 US

Five or Fewer Entrants

   1st Prize: $50.00 US
   2nd Prize: $30.00 US

Contributed Prizes

In the first Lady Merreth Contest several very kind DA members contributed additional prizes.  If that occurs again, the prize pool will be updated.

   You can enter as many times as you like, but you can only win one prize.
   Contest Winners will be featured on the LadyMerrethsAuthor DA page for two weeks after prize payout.
   Winning entries will also be displayed on the Tales of Lady Merreth FaceBook Page and Lady Merreth’s Author Blog.
   All contest entries will be displayed within the DA Lady Merreth Group.
   All Contest Entries will be placed into a Contest Gallery on the LadyMerrethsAuthor page at the contest’s conclusion with links back to the artists.

Eligible Art Types

Contest entries can be:

   Line art – as long as it is clean and “finished looking”
   Photo manips

I prefer entries to be of realistic proportions.

Backgrounds are preferred, but not mandatory.   Many of contest scenes provide some information to provide a background (e.g. room or immediate vicinity of the confrontation).
How Contest Entries are Judged

Entries are judged on:

   Adherence to Merreth’s appearance and the appearance of other characters in the scene
   Originality – although you may choose to illustrate a conflict that has already been depicted (for example, ‘Bitch Slap’), greater weight will be given to such illustrations that incorporate originality (for example if they done from a different vantage point and, of course, in your own style).
   Adherence to the description of the scene chosen

Entering Your Submission

To enter your art in the contest, post a comment under this Journal Entry. Place the following pieces of information in the comment:

   The words “Contest Entry”
   The scene chosen
   The medium used
   A link to your gallery where you have placed the image; be sure to provide a link back to this contest page
   If you are entering a photo manipulation, a link back the stock provider's terms of use

As submissions are entered the will be placed into the Lady Merreth Contest II folder under LadyMerrethsAuthor favourites.
Contest Guidelines

When participating in the contest, please:

   Read Lady Merreth’s Character Bio
   Read Lady Merreth’s World
   Depict Merreth (and any other characters according to how they look in the story/bio)
   Follow DA guidelines for submissions
   Credit sources (stock, refs, etc.)
   Link back to the contest and group under your piece/submission
   Join the Lady Merreth Group
   By entering the contest you agree to abide by the Lady Merreth Permissions located on this DA page

Violence and gore are acceptable (although there isn’t very much of either in the posted chapters and stories).

You may enter on behalf of a friend if you like.

If you have any questions about anything (contest rules, characters, etc.), please note me or ask them in a comment.

Please do not:

• Make changes to characters’ appearances/costumes
Character References

   There are character depictions for Lady Merreth, Lady Simma, and Lady Tiandraa in the references folder.  Each of these has been done by :iconsyoshiko:.
   In addition there are photo references for Lady Merreth, though please note that Lady Merreth has brown eyes, NOT blue as depicted in the photos
   *** Very Important *** Lady Merreth has an 'iconic' look. This look includes her outfit: hat, vest, gloves, breeches, boots and whip. Please be true to that look.  That look is illustrated in this amazing character reference by :iconsyoshiko::

Social Media

You do not have to do any of the following but I would appreciate it if you would:

   Visit my Blog
   Watch me on DA if you do not already
   Like the Tales of Lady Merreth FaceBook page if you are on FaceBook
   Follow me on Twitter if you have a Twitter account

Promotion Prizes!

Want to get stuff without entering the contest?  No problem!

I will gift DA points to every person who promotes the contest on their journal (with a link to the contest page), up to a maximum of 12 people (first come, first serve).  The journal entry must “stay up” for a minimum of one (1) week and be exclusively devoted to the contest.

I will gift:

   25 points to those with less than 50 watchers
   50 points to those with more than 50 but less than 100 watchers
   75 points to those with more than 100 watchers

You do not have to enter the contest in order to promote it.  

People who enter the contest are eligible for the 50 point gift if they promote the contest as well (up to the 12 person maximum).

Each person (up to the maximum of 12) can receive 50 points only once for promoting the contest on their journal.

Note me with a link to the journal entry and I will gift the points upon verifying the Journal entry.

Thank you to the following promoters:

:iconxullraezauviir:, :iconpoetic-dragon:
I'll be featuring this here: ladymerrethsauthor.deviantart.… :which leads to the ACTUAL CONTEST page in case you can't stand my rather lame...imitation! It's actually alot prettier to look at in addition to containing ALL of the proper bells & whistles(links)that I was too lazy to feature here!

That is ALL & don't forget
More Journal Entries

Recent Journal Entries










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